About Us
We help businesses and organisations perform online ensuring websites and networks work first time, every time, all the time.

Our Mission

To be a leader in helping organisations perform online.

Our Vision

To enable any application to be completely and automatically tested for deployment on any device, network and for any performance and scale requirements.

Our Values

1. Teamwork

We all believe we are strongest when working together in a supportive, learning and creative culture.
We celebrate successful results.

2. Innovation

We empower and challenge each other to think differently, embrace creativity to develop market leading software solutions.

3. Quality

We have a relentless focus on excellence to ensure our technology adds value to our customers.

4. Expertise

Together as experts we develop the most effective testing solutions that help our customers deliver their digital strategies with confidence.

5. Commitment

We are committed to engaging with our partners, customers and employees regularly to ensure we exceed expectations.

Our Products

As key enablers for businesses and organisations to compete and be successful in a digital world, the performance of web applications and the networks on which they are deployed is critical.


Our JAR:Emulate range was developed to offer a variety of WAN Emulators that can be tailored to meet specific network testing requirements. Our WAN Emulator is the most flexible hardware-based network emulator on the market.


We recognised that the solutions available on the market for performance testing web applications were based only on confirming response times and checking that they were ‘up’.

We created a testing solution that would focus on web application quality, UX and performance. Our solutions use real browsers to test real user scenarios, under real world conditions.

Corporate Quick Facts

  • JAR Technologies is headquartered in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
  • Europe’s largest producer of network emulators and load generators
  • Privately operated and funded
  • 100% Growth in 2015
  • World-wide distributor and reseller network
  • Customers on every continent
  • Market leading software solutions
  • The most flexible hardware-based network emulators on the market

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