open source code

Open Source Code

There is no doubt that the presence of open source code is good. It’s use is vast and it now forms the basis…



How to get a testing reality check for your application from JAR Technologies. Real Browsers & Real Users get Real Results.



In a recent poll, 93% of QA Testers said that Load Testing Tools would be the priority tool for them…

JAR Technologies load testing

Load Testing

JAR:Load ensures that user experience is not compromised by traffic demands.

JAR Technologies uptime monitoring


JAR:Monitor ensures repeat online custom driving ROI from your application by eliminating the risks.

JAR Technologies api testing

API Testing

JAR:API makes your application reliable, providing confidence that it will integrate and interact.

JAR Technologies wan emulation

WAN Emulation

JAR:Emulate provides certainty on project costs by ensuring applications work on intended networks.

JAR Technologies iot

Internet of Things

JAR:IoT Provides confidence at deployment for IoT enabled products by taking away the risks.

JAR Technologies is a testing solutions provider for software applications. We ensure that applications work first time, every time and all the time to deliver an exceptional user experience.

Using real browsers and real users our ecosystem of testing tools gives our customers real results helping them protect their brand image, maintain revenues and drive competitive advantage.
We operate across the telecoms, finance, professional services, retail, manufacturing, social infrastructure, outsourcing and technology industries.

“The solution from JAR Technologies enabled us to deliver against timescales and expectations.

We were able to build automated testing, quickly, and we now know exactly how our application will work for our end users.

We have been able to increase our speed to market with confidence in our performance knowing our customers can make informed medical decisions whilst using our products.”

JAR:Load Customer Quote from:
Leading Technology Provider for Health Sector

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